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Our online program will allow you to catalog your entire personal music library. The standard charges are shown below, and if necessary, we can customize the program at an hourly rate to meet your special needs.

There is a one-time $30.00 $15.00 [Half-price limited-time offer!] setup fee to start a new account. Included in the fee is copying all of the necessary files and setting up a password protected area for your personal music library.

The monthly charge to use the program is as follows:

Basic Service: $10.00/month for personal music libraries up to 500 titles.
Advanced Service: $15.00/month for personal music libraries from 501-3000 titles.

Please contact us for customization options or for music libraries over 3,000 titles.

You may register below. You will receive an invoice via e-mail for the options you have selected, and you may pay it securely online with your credit card or mail a check.  Once we receive your payment, we will set up your account and send you login instructions. Note: your contact information will be used only to set up this program and to contact you, if necessary, about billing or program issues.

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*If we restrict access to your search page, you are required to enter a name/password each time you visit your Search Page. Since no data can be changed from your Search Page, some people prefer to leave the Search page unrestricted so that they can perform quick searches without logging in.
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