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How much does your service cost? Please see our Pricing page for current prices. If you have special needs that require the program to be modified, we can give you a price estimate. Just let us know what you want.

Why is there a monthly fee? Our online music library program is running on an expensive server with redundant connections to Internet backbone providers.  We also have regular tape backups to protect your data. The monthly fee will help us to provide a quality service and allow us to add additional features in the future.

Do you accept credit cards? How do you bill? When you register, you will receive an invoice via e-mail specifying the service you have selected and the price. The invoice will have a link to pay online securely with your credit card (or you may mail a check). As soon as the invoice is paid, we will set up your password-protected area with all of the necessary files.  All future bills will be sent via e-mail-- we do not mail invoices.

I would like my online music library pages to look different. Can you customize my pages? Certainly. We charge an hourly rate to make changes to the base program.

How is my Music Library saved? Your music information is saved in a Microsoft Access database. For a nominal charge, we will make a backup copy of your Access database and send it to you. You would have to own a copy of Microsoft Access to open or use the database. You may download a copy of your music library in a Microsoft Excel format from your administration menu.

Why should I go to the trouble of entering all of my music into an online library? Our program is intended to make your music library more organized and to allow you to easily find any piece by library number, title, grade, composer, and more. It will take some time for you to get everything entered; however, we feel that it is worth every minute.  This program was written for a band director/ private music instructor who at one time (before this program was written) had a very disorganized music library. We have created the program online so that music instructors would be able to check their online library at home or at work (a computer or wireless device with Internet access is required.)

I don't have time to enter all of my music titles. Do you have any suggestions? We suggest that find a high school or college music student who can enter your titles for you if you do not want to enter the information yourself.  Since our program may be used from any computer with Internet access, trustworthy students could enter your titles from their home at their convenience.  If you live in the Austin or San Antonio, Texas area, we may be able to find students who can help.

How do you recommend that we organize our library? Our program is designed to organize your music by library number. We recommend that each piece of music be stored in an individual filing envelope. (Filing envelopes may be purchased from many major music stores, such as Southern Music Company.)  When you enter a new title, the program will provide you the unique library number to write on the envelope. You simply write the library number along with any other information you want on the envelop, and file it.  You may find that hundreds of your music titles fit in only a few feet of shelf space, and you will no longer have stacks of music laying around or have trouble finding music!

Do you have a sample program on your Web site that we can test before we register? Yes, there is a sample version on our Web site.You will be able to see how easy the program is to use by adding, editing, and deleting titles in the sample as well as exploring many other features. Note: we are happy to customize the program for an additional charge to fit your needs.

Can I upload digital copies of my music into the database? Due to copyright restrictions, we will not allow scanned music to be saved in your Music Library. The purpose of our program is to help you to organize your sheet music library and to find your music quickly, so you should not need to scan your music.
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