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The goal of is to help you keep your personal music library organized and your music easy to find. Here are some of the benfits and features of

  • Enter full information for each piece of music in your library including Title, Composer, Arranger/Editor, Grade Level, Publisher, and more.
  • Access your library information from any computer with Internet access.
  • Set up your own grading system, music types and sub types.
  • Enter a purpose or focus of each piece. This is particularly helpful if, for example, you wanted to find all studies focusing on a concept such as "low register studies."
  • Search, sort or print your library by title, composer, arranger and more. Have you ever wanted to find a certain type or grade of music? It couldn't be easier! Just enter your search criteria and you will see a list of all matching music.
  • Keep track of music you have out on loan. The program allows you to save a person's name along with the date/notes with any piece of music, and you can view this list at any time to make sure no one forgets to return your music.
  • Enter a music "Wish List". This list of music that you want to eventually add to your library will be kept separate from your music library, but you can easily move a title into your music library once you buy it (without retyping all of the information).
  • Download your Online Music Library.  With the click of your mouse, you may download your entire music library as a Microsoft Excel file (many spreadsheet programs are able to open this file type). You may use this option to keep backups of your Online Music Library as well as printing the information in any format you want. Tip: programs such as "Documents To Go" allow you to sync a Microsoft Excel file on your Palm so that you can take your music library with you!
  • Additional features are already planned and we welcome suggestions.
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